What Women Want? 7 Must Knows For a Man

Ever since Mel Gibson started hearing women’s thoughts in the movie What Women Want, the mysterious workings of a woman’s mind seem to be have become less of a mystery. Here are some things that women look for in a man.

1. Be all ears when she talks
Women, as you may have noticed, verbalise a lot. When they are happy, what makes them sad, what is troubling them, who did what to them, when they want to make a decision, when they have some thing on their minds—they talk. If yours is the ear listening to that talk, then you immediately score points. And to balance that do some talking yourself, cos women love communication.

2. Tell it exactly the way it is
Most guys think that being honest with women is asking for trouble because women can’t handle the truth. Well, women may not like some truths, but that does not mean they won’t (eventually) appreciate it when you say it. So tell her what you really feel about the dress/haircut/friends/decision, by all means do. Just please don’t be a barbarian about it. Be gentle and let her know you mean her well. She will appreciate you for it…maybe after a week, but hey, at least you know she still likes you.

3. Share your deepest emotions and she’ll warm up to you
Now unless you are a stone or just plain inanimate, you do have feelings and emotions. Think of the last time your favourite team lost/won. Or think of the sleek lines of the Jaguar. What you feel, yeah that’s emotion. Instead of pretending emotions are for nancies, get in touch with the ones lurking just under your tough hide. We’re not saying cry for happy endings or anything like that, but do let her see your sensitive side every now and then. She will take to you like fish takes to water.

4. Be the one who holds out a warm coat when she is feeling cold
So y’now maybe she carries a can of pepper spray, has taken karate classes and can take care of herself. However, something programmed in her DNA falls for a guy who will protect her from harm. It makes her feel loved, feminine, taken care of…special.

5. Win her trust by all means
This is a big one with a woman. She needs to be able to trust you and the only way to do that is to show her that you can be trusted. When you say something, do it. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it, cos she is not twisting your arm. If you make a promise, keep it. If plans are going to change, let her know as soon as you know, with an apology attached. Be open, honest and as transparent with her as permissible. It will reassure her that she has got herself a man she can trust.

6. Shave, bathe and smell nice
We all know what Axe says, but believe us when we say that besides a sense of smell, a woman also has eyes. She did, after all, fall for the way you look, so keep looking like the guy she fell for. Take care of your appearance. Dress sharp. We’re not saying become a clothes horse, but do wear things that you look nice in and are nice to be in. For special occasions, suit up and sweep her off her feet. And please, don’t take your personal hygiene tips from your bachelor boy slob friends. Cut, shave, bathe, smell nice. Take it from us, she will notice it all.

7. Go ahead and open the door for her
We were going to add charm, but that’s not every man’s territory. Chivalry, however, every guy can manage. Be gracious to her family and friends, open doors for her, offer to help her out, look out for her, buy her flowers (unless of course she has a pollen allergy). But don’t be a pushover. Let her also know that you can be chivalrous, but you can’t be walked all over. She. Will. Love that.

What are some other things that women look for in a man? We’d love to hear your say.

photo: boy27wonder

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