Turn The Heat On! 5 Ways To Look Fab This Winter

Just because it’s cold out there doesn’t mean your clothes need to be boring and unflattering. Here are 5 ways to spunk it up and make a chic statement this winter:

1.   Dress in layers. To dress for the winter, this will get you surprisingly far! A half-button down shirt, layered over any polo, with a jacket on top, is always a good look. Simply match similar collars so that bottom layer shows and folds over a bit. Jeans and leggings are a winter staple.

2.  Up the fun factor with cheerful neon color overcoats and  motorcycle jackets.

3. Stock up on stylish winter boots from ankle to knee length.

4. Go with bold sneakers and statement scarfs.

5.  Pile on the accessories and  don’t forget those over-sized sunglasses.

And yes, don’t forget to use chapstick religiously and moisturize your skin for that winter glow. Go out and chill gal!

photo by eco Couture

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