The Matrimonial Date!

While getting to know a matrimonial alliance  is the most important thing before one says “I do”, sometimes one thanks God when a guy or a girl refrains from asking a question like; “what is your favorite color?” on the first meet up. So we live in this so-called modern era and we are the ‘z generation’ and yet we witness some cliched questions thrown at us which no man or a woman should ask on their first date. The questions that girls and guys ask each other in a fixed set-up show how people perceive arranged marriages in India. Why do we have to behave like an employer of a B-grade organization when it comes to arranged matches? Here are some of the strange questions that one usually comes across:

  1. So, basically what are you looking for?

Well, I am looking for world peace, love towards nature, art& culture, employment for all and eradication of poverty! Now, this has to be the most irritating question that people ask during their first meeting. One should not refrain from ‘Sense and Sensibility’ at least!

2. What are your expectations?

A big mansion with a huge swimming pool, two naughty kids named chintu and pappu and the best sex life ever! This is marriage not a guy’s or a girl’s test for “moment of truth”! Another big clichéd question that needs to be done away with from the face of this earth…forever!

3. Are you vegetarian, non-vegetarian, eggetarian or fishitarian?

As if these food choices will help one in defining the nature of a person!

4. Are you religious or are you superstitious?

This is another stupid question that people often ask, however discussing about religious faith is one thing and trying to figure out a person on the basis of his/ her ability to fast on days dedicated to various lords is another point. It is 2015 and still the youngsters today believe that the colour of a cat can bring truckloads of luck!

5. What are your future plans?

A honeymoon in Ibiza, first anniversary in Greece and the second one in Hawaii. Since when did marriage became an institution of setting up future plans?

6. Do you smoke or do you drink?

Well a person’s Intelligent Quotient does not depend on being a teetotaler.

7. How many kids would you like?

Seriously..!! This is what is left to ask when we live in an era of people talking about Aam Aadmi Party, the cost of living in the country and the speed at which technology is moving ahead in the present times.

8. Did you ever have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Trust me people ask this question and make it a point to judge the other person on the number of girlfriends or boyfriends one had even during the school days!

9. Are you on Facebook/ Do you like Facebook?

A new question that people ask each other. Some invention indeed, but seriously one does not need this question at all!

photo by cleftclips

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