That We Have A Day To Romance!

So, what day today? Whether you are celebrating it or mocking it or hiding from it or braving it, you know there’s something happening out there, right? Today is *drum roll* Friday! Oh wait, no. It is Friday but that’s not why we got off the bed in the cold to type out this post.

Today is…Valentine’s Day.

Allow the jadedness to peel back a little. If you are not jaded (and sorry for assuming that you were), polish that smile some more. Bring out the rabdi or red velvet, the Chardonnay or chai, turn off the gadgets and settle in for some loving. True, you don’t need to celebrate love on a specific day. And also true – how is it a special occasion if everyone’s doing it? But still. And yet. If you have someone, relish it…the having of someone. If you are single, relish it as well…the space for someone.

Maybe you will do big things today – like propose. Or maybe you will do something mundane – like pay an electricity bill. But do take a moment to nod at the roses. It’s not everyday that we have the permission of the world to romance the routine.

Happy Valentine’s everyone,

MarryMyBuddy Team

Photo: Juliana Coutinho

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