Girls, Go Get a Pair!

I remember this one time when I was in my early twenties and I was walking by the side of a road with my mom. A guy approached us, approached me rather, and asked for the time; I had a watch strapped to my wrist. And as I was looking at my watch to tell […]

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What Women Want? 7 Must Knows For a Man

Ever since Mel Gibson started hearing women’s thoughts in the movie What Women Want, the mysterious workings of a woman’s mind seem to be have become less of a mystery. Here are some things that women look for in a man. 1. Be all ears when she talks Women, as you may have noticed, verbalise […]

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9 Ways To Make The Most Of Being Single

Most singles see singlehood as a cross that they have to bear. We’re saying snap out of it! We admit–being single may not be as much fun as being in love, because we all want someone hot and wonderful to share life with. But singlehood is no barren desert land either, and while we wait […]

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