So Far So Good

Going the distance is never easy. We mean moving into a long distance relationship. You may be parting ways due to work, studies or numerous other factors. When a hectic lifestyle keeps you on your toes, finding time for love can be tough, especially when you are far apart! Both of you stay in different cities, live in […]

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Facebook, You and Your Love Life

Let’s face it…social networking is here to stay, and since so many of us live a good part of our lives on Facebook, it’s quite natural that the site is also witness and playground for all our relationship moves (and games).  In fact, one of the first things we tend to do when we have […]

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Do-you-love-me-password-much? Why people play Sherlock on their partners!

It starts with exchanging heyas, cell numbers, BB-pins, then gifts, kisses, keys and eventually goes down to rings and vows. And somewhere in between all of this, ******* passwords! Cell phone, mail account, social media password exchange has become quite a deal between couples. ‘Do-you-love-me-password-much’ has become one question that measures the temperature of a serious […]

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Have You Moved On, My Love? I’d Rather You Hadn’t

It’s that time over coffee or a meal. You sit opposite each other, having teased out bits about the other’s personality. You know she likes cars or he likes gleaming tabletops. There has been some talk of work and holiday. And possibly, there has been a strong or slanted reference to a past relationship. So, […]

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Compromises in Arranged Marriages – should we, or should we not?

Just a decade back most people were conditioned to think that compromises and sacrifices are part and parcel of a long lasting marriage. Today, many of us who are looking for our perfect match, hate the word compromise. Be it a girl or a guy, we want a match who fits the jigsaw puzzle of […]

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A Cool, New Way To Find Your Perfect Match!

Finding a match should be sweet, simple and straightforward. That’s how we have kept it at Launching Soon! Click to request an invite. photo by Chad T Charlton, CTC Photography

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Matter of ‘Taste’

Today, you can’t escape being told who you are, i.e. – an ‘individual’. Each one of us is described as being, over and above everything, a separate, unique entity- by our own right, in own space, creator of much of our own destiny. (Contrast this to earlier days, when we were mainly deemed to be […]

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3 Books That Will Make You Look At Singlehood Differently

Tolstoy makes this astute observation in Anna Karenina, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I feel that way about being in a relationship versus being single. Without being reductionist or dismissive, being in a relationship involves much the same framework – you find someone you care about […]

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5 Classy Tracks About Relationships You Might Have Missed!

Smriti Abbi

September 15, 2013

Indulge, Music


From trance and electro that makes you high to rock and roll that unifies, from  jazz and blues to country and folk tunes, music has the power to express thoughts, words and emotions like nothing else. It can transport you to an altogether different era. It makes you fall in love, forget all the pain […]

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4 Things To Reflect On Before Getting Into That Relationship

Most people start feeling the need to date and be in a relationship from their teens, and the trend just carries on, sometimes unbroken, into the 20s and 30s. But what’s the hurry? Before you get into a relationship with someone, it may be a good idea to get into a relationship with YOU—get to […]

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