So Far So Good

Going the distance is never easy. We mean moving into a long distance relationship. You may be parting ways due to work, studies or numerous other factors. When a hectic lifestyle keeps you on your toes, finding time for love can be tough, especially when you are far apart! Both of you stay in different cities, live in […]

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5 Last Minute Gifting Ideas for Him this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is here and if you’re still the guy lost like a deer in the woods looking for the perfect gift for your damsel, then here’s all you need to know! One slap on the knuckles for those who think a women is a book one can’t read. We’ve pretty simple demands, you see? […]

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That We Have A Day To Romance!

So, what day today? Whether you are celebrating it or mocking it or hiding from it or braving it, you know there’s something happening out there, right? Today is *drum roll* Friday! Oh wait, no. It is Friday but that’s not why we got off the bed in the cold to type out this post. Today is…Valentine’s Day. Allow […]

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How We Don’t Give Love A Chance – A Beautiful Video!

He writes. Erases. She writes. Erases. Been there! Done that? Oh yes! I certainly have. I am sure most of us have at some point or the other. Whether it is the fear of rejection or the fear of putting all your cards at once across the table and giving the power to the other […]

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Have You Moved On, My Love? I’d Rather You Hadn’t

It’s that time over coffee or a meal. You sit opposite each other, having teased out bits about the other’s personality. You know she likes cars or he likes gleaming tabletops. There has been some talk of work and holiday. And possibly, there has been a strong or slanted reference to a past relationship. So, […]

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A Cool, New Way To Find Your Perfect Match!

Finding a match should be sweet, simple and straightforward. That’s how we have kept it at Launching Soon! Click to request an invite. photo by Chad T Charlton, CTC Photography

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3 Books That Will Make You Look At Singlehood Differently

Tolstoy makes this astute observation in Anna Karenina, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I feel that way about being in a relationship versus being single. Without being reductionist or dismissive, being in a relationship involves much the same framework – you find someone you care about […]

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5 Classy Tracks About Relationships You Might Have Missed!

Smriti Abbi

September 15, 2013

Indulge, Music


From trance and electro that makes you high to rock and roll that unifies, from  jazz and blues to country and folk tunes, music has the power to express thoughts, words and emotions like nothing else. It can transport you to an altogether different era. It makes you fall in love, forget all the pain […]

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What Plants Can Teach You About Relationships

First, a word about me to set things in context. For some, this essay may seem sappy and irreconcilable to good sense. I understand. So, the background I now outline is to establish that I wasn’t a New Age-y tree-hugger or plant-worshipper right off the bat. In other words, I wasn’t always likely to think […]

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And Welcome, You’re Home!

Relationships. They’re quite funny, if you think about them. According to Malcolm Gladwell, the author of ‘Outliers’, if you spent 100,000 hours on a project – any project – skiing or Calculus or cooking – you’d become a pro at it. So, that means if we spent 100,000 hours practicing relationships, we’d be great at […]

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