The Matrimonial Date!

While getting to know a matrimonial alliance  is the most important thing before one says “I do”, sometimes one thanks God when a guy or a girl refrains from asking a question like; “what is your favorite color?” on the first meet up. So we live in this so-called modern era and we are the […]

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Happy ‘You’ Year

Mukta Raut

January 1, 2014



Beginnings, endings, and going-ons. 2014 will have all of these. Just as 2013 did. And during 2013, as days flaked off one at a time, we at MarryMyBuddy met some wit, you know. Sometimes in quotes on the Web or texted by a pal or scribbled in glitter in a funky loo. They made us […]

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10 Things People Do To Avoid Getting Married

Is procrastination your best friend especially when it comes to the question of getting married? Have you been going that extra mile to cook up excuses to delay the eventuality? Are those little voices in your head saying that you are afraid to get married and you always need some more time to get prepared? […]

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Knot Yet? 9 signs that you are being too choosy!

Are you looking for a guy who is tall, dark and handsome, worth a million bucks and who also knows how to treat a lady well…? Or, are you a guy looking for a girl who makes all the heads turn, wows them with her wit and elegance and also cooks you a sumptuous meal? replique […]

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11 Signs You’re Ready to Get Married

When is the right time to get married? Is there a magical number to it? Is 23 too early, or 30 too late? Am I ready to get married yet? Really…will it be me soon? Just some of the questions that popup in your mind, when it seems everyone around is walking down the aisle. replique […]

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