So Far So Good

Going the distance is never easy. We mean moving into a long distance relationship. You may be parting ways due to work, studies or numerous other factors. When a hectic lifestyle keeps you on your toes, finding time for love can be tough, especially when you are far apart! Both of you stay in different cities, live in […]

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The Matrimonial Date!

While getting to know a matrimonial alliance  is the most important thing before one says “I do”, sometimes one thanks God when a guy or a girl refrains from asking a question like; “what is your favorite color?” on the first meet up. So we live in this so-called modern era and we are the […]

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What Women Want? 7 Must Knows For a Man

Ever since Mel Gibson started hearing women’s thoughts in the movie What Women Want, the mysterious workings of a woman’s mind seem to be have become less of a mystery. Here are some things that women look for in a man. 1. Be all ears when she talks Women, as you may have noticed, verbalise […]

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