Me, A Rose And Solitude Sprinkled With Romance

So, is this Valentine’s Day stamped with stag status? Me, a rose and solitude, is it? The singlets are all sad with sniffs on social media that the day is for couples. But is it? We tag it as a day of love and feeling pampered. Why so blue over no one to woo! With […]

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Facebook, You and Your Love Life

Let’s face it…social networking is here to stay, and since so many of us live a good part of our lives on Facebook, it’s quite natural that the site is also witness and playground for all our relationship moves (and games).  In fact, one of the first things we tend to do when we have […]

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Do-you-love-me-password-much? Why people play Sherlock on their partners!

It starts with exchanging heyas, cell numbers, BB-pins, then gifts, kisses, keys and eventually goes down to rings and vows. And somewhere in between all of this, ******* passwords! Cell phone, mail account, social media password exchange has become quite a deal between couples. ‘Do-you-love-me-password-much’ has become one question that measures the temperature of a serious […]

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Turn The Heat On! 5 Ways To Look Fab This Winter

Just because it’s cold out there doesn’t mean your clothes need to be boring and unflattering. Here are 5 ways to spunk it up and make a chic statement this winter: 1.   Dress in layers. To dress for the winter, this will get you surprisingly far! A half-button down shirt, layered over any polo, with a […]

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How We Don’t Give Love A Chance – A Beautiful Video!

He writes. Erases. She writes. Erases. Been there! Done that? Oh yes! I certainly have. I am sure most of us have at some point or the other. Whether it is the fear of rejection or the fear of putting all your cards at once across the table and giving the power to the other […]

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Have You Moved On, My Love? I’d Rather You Hadn’t

It’s that time over coffee or a meal. You sit opposite each other, having teased out bits about the other’s personality. You know she likes cars or he likes gleaming tabletops. There has been some talk of work and holiday. And possibly, there has been a strong or slanted reference to a past relationship. So, […]

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What Your Taste In Music Says About You!

Most people think that the sound of the music they listen to is the personality of the listener. So, it goes that rock/metal fans are crazy, hot-tempered and impetuous. Wrong! Research conducted by psychologists Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling and studies conducted by researchers at Heriot-Watt University with over 36,000 participants seem to sing a […]

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Happy ‘You’ Year

Mukta Raut

January 1, 2014



Beginnings, endings, and going-ons. 2014 will have all of these. Just as 2013 did. And during 2013, as days flaked off one at a time, we at MarryMyBuddy met some wit, you know. Sometimes in quotes on the Web or texted by a pal or scribbled in glitter in a funky loo. They made us […]

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10 Things People Do To Avoid Getting Married

Is procrastination your best friend especially when it comes to the question of getting married? Have you been going that extra mile to cook up excuses to delay the eventuality? Are those little voices in your head saying that you are afraid to get married and you always need some more time to get prepared? […]

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Get Into The Christmas Groove! 5 Things To Do If You Are Single And Feeling Lonely This Festive Season

It’s Christmas time! The season for lit-up trees, cheerful window dressings, amazing discounts, and merry Christmas carols. If you are single, bang in the middle of all the cheer and cherry lights, you feel a sharp stab of loneliness. Tis true—festivities, with all their irrepressible joy, colour and warmth are often somewhat lonely times for the […]

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