Me, A Rose And Solitude Sprinkled With Romance

So, is this Valentine’s Day stamped with stag status? Me, a rose and solitude, is it? The singlets are all sad with sniffs on social media that the day is for couples. But is it? We tag it as a day of love and feeling pampered. Why so blue over no one to woo! With the green$ in your pocket and woo-able feeling in your heart, why not romance yourself this Valentine’s?

Here is a list of things you can explore:

1. Let a song romance you. Music is a safe haven for all. It never disappoints. Our pick for you is U2’s WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!

2. Catch hold of the book that triggers the P.S.I Love You feeling. Our pick for you is JUHI PANDE’s 5 THINGS YOUR MOTHER DIDN’T TELL YOU ABOUT LOVE!

3. Rom-Com your day. After a long day at office, you don’t feel like running out for a movie. Stay indoors and enjoy movies on the channel ROMEDY-NOW. If you plan on downloading movies try one of these: One Fine Day, Heartbreakers, 10 Things I Hate About You, Roman Holiday, Love & Other Drugs, John Tucker Must Die, A Lot Like Love, My Super-Ex Girlfriend, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Before Sunset series

4. Romance your taste buds. Our pick PERI PERI PASTA & RED WINE!

5. Pamper & Indulge. Shop till you drop with the valentine sales going on. And treat yourself with that much needed spa.

Happy Valentine’s all you singlets out there!

Photo: tomatokisses

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