Here’s to a Spirited Summer! 8 Exotic DIY Cocktails to Keep Up the High

Ah, March! The sun has come to mean business.  Also, now that Holi is over,  we’ll look around for tasty inebriation even after the days of slurping bhaang are over. Here are some delish options to hic to this summer.
Mint Julep
photo: JoLynneMusings

1. Mint Julep

The air’s so hot and humid that you feel you are living in a mildly wet sponge. You want something fresh and strong to cut through the lethargy. This drink which has all of three ingredients is the answer: some bourbon,  some mint, some sugar, and crushed or shaved ice. Muddle it all together for cool, cool respite.


photo: quinn.anya

2. Bellinis 

What can be easier than mint julep, a cocktail that involves three ingredients?  Answer: Bellini, a cocktail that involves two. For elegance in a flute glass, pour in peach puree or peach juice and add in chilled champagne. It turns a lovely hue of blush and is excellent for a brunch where you want to be a little bit fancy pants.

photo: Marler
photo: Marler

3. Peanuts Twist

Peanuts and whiskey go together.  And we don’t mean in a snacky, scarf-down-by-the-kilo kind of way. We mean a nice, hearty drink with a peanut orgeat. (‘Orgeat’, see? Fancy enough for you now?) For a quick version of the orgeat, roast and grind peanuts and blend them in water. Strain the liquid and heat it on slow flame. Dissolve sugar and a bit of salt. Once it’s cooled down a little, you can blend in a little vodka as well. After you got your orgeat, put some in a glass, add your whiskey, and top it off with chilled Coke. Garnish with a smattering of salted peanuts.

4. Soaked, Drunken Fruits 

Melon and vodka
photo: valakirka
Remember that New Year’s resolution when you wanted to quit drinking and get healthier? So, we all know how that turned out, right? But here’s a healthier option to the bottoms-up routine you have going on. Scoop out melons likewatermelons, muskmelons, honeymelons, etc. Deseed them and chop the flesh in hefty chunks. Douse the chunks with copious amounts of vodka. Place the pulp back into the  melon shell and chill before eating. This chilled fruit and vodka combination also works beautifully with lychees and cherries. Have large frosted bowls of peeled lychees or cherries soaked in Greygoose. When you bite into a juicy morsel of cold, alcohol soaked fruit, it will still be sinful.  You just won’t feel as guilty.


photo: yosoynuts
photo: yosoynuts

5. Bacardi Ice Cream

Cool, creamy icecream with a swift, hard kick. (Did you feel all dreamy and swoony just yet?) For this option,  here’s what you do: take a brick of vanilla icecream and melt it until soft. Add Bacardi, mash it up again, and freeze it until partially solid. Then melt it until it softens again, add the vodka again, and refreeze. Add a dash of mango sauce. When your guests come over and sneer at your innocent looking dessert, hand them a scoop and watch them get slurry. ( Then click pictures and mock them for being those folks who couldn’t handle icecream.)

6. Hard Iboubon iced teaced Tea with Bourbon, Chopped Orange and Lemon Slices

Goes supremely well with grilled sandwiches, roasted potatoes, and fried bacon.


photo: Mike_Fleming
photo: Mike_Fleming

7. Limoncello

This drink requires a fair amount of advanced prep but a sip of this tart, heady cocktail and you will feel it is worth it. So, peel a load of lemons, put the rind in gin or vodka for four weeks or so. When the lemon and the liquor have commingled happily, mix some basic sugar syrup and splash in some soda. Your pool parties in the sweltering heat will be snappy and so energetic.  (Imagine all that vitamin C.)

8. Coconut Malai, Intoxicated to the Power of Cool
Coconut cream and white rumThe beach in early afternoon. Sea-breeze seducing you into lethargy and well-being. You are done with the cold beers. You want something different and maybe something substantial to satisfy the hunger pangs. Get hold of coconut tenders, add white rum, and muddle it with brown sugar. If you can do that in a coconut shell,  brownie points to you. Now take your drink to the seashore and gulp it down, feeling the sun on your back and the sea at your feet.


photo: sayamindu
photo: sayamindu

Good things come in rimmed packages!

Now this is not a drink but we have listed it here in any case. Whether it’s a cocktail or a glass of milk, a pretty rimmed glass just makes it posh, right? You can rim a glass with powdered sugar, salt, and even shavings of coconut or chocolate. First, lay out any of this stuff on a flat surface. Rub the rims of the glasses with water or liqueur and then twirl the glasses carefully over the condiments. You are set to sip!

What are you having?


Featured Image: D Sharon Pruitt

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