Get Into The Christmas Groove! 5 Things To Do If You Are Single And Feeling Lonely This Festive Season

It’s Christmas time! The season for lit-up trees, cheerful window dressings, amazing discounts, and merry Christmas carols. If you are single, bang in the middle of all the cheer and cherry lights, you feel a sharp stab of loneliness. Tis true—festivities, with all their irrepressible joy, colour and warmth are often somewhat lonely times for the otherwise peppy singles. However, neither Santa nor we at MarryMyBuddy approve of this sadness during the happy Christmas season. Besides, we know that someone heart-stoppingly amazing is going to come along and fill that empty spot in your life soon. But while you wait, why waste even a minute of a perfectly fun Christmas season. Here are 5 ways to get into the spirit.

1. Singles’ party
Generally, singles know how to have a wild time. Part of it is because champagnethey are free. So, gather other only-the-lonelies in your pal circle, pick a place, select the drinks, get everyone to bring some food, arrange for some good music…and party! Let em all know how it’s done, people!

2. Spend time with your parents
christmas-160950_150Yes, this is a bit more on the serious side than a crazy party, but it will feel good deep in your heart. As we grow older, we grow independent and somehow move away from our parents mentally. Christmas, with its “spirit of giving”, is a good time to reconnect. Cook a delicious meal (or order one), set the table, use the best crockery and cutlery and invite your parents to enjoy a good, leisurely, relaxed (and surprise) family lunch. As an extra special touch, be Santa, buy them gifts and get them to unwrap them after dessert. That’s what we call sweet endings.

3. Eat!
muffinIt goes without saying that Christmas comes with some really great treats—traditional neories and culculs, Christmas pudding, fruitcake, ginger wine, roast meats, fried chicken…we’d love to go on, but we’re getting really hungry here! Catch hold of your Christian pals and DEMAND some delicious treats this Christmas. Believe us, they—and their moms—will be happy to oblige!

4. Attend midnight church
starThere is something ethereal about hearing beautiful Christmas carols on a cold winter night, together with a whole bunch of dressed-to-the-nines people. Be one with them in their reverence and joy as they celebrate Christmas.

5. Play Santa to street kids
santas-hatOkay, this may not be for everyone, but can you imagine the joy in those little eyes when they receive some gift—little as it may be—from Santa Claus! Use a small part of your savings to buy small toys and some candy, gift-wrap them and drop them into the little hands of street children in your locality. It’s guaranteed to bring on big smiles all around.

There must be a hundred other ways to own this season. What would you do? What have you done in the past? Write in and tell us in the comments section. And in the meanwhile, have a very merry Christmas from all of us at MarryMyBuddy.

photo: DaPuglet

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