Facebook, You and Your Love Life

Let’s face it…social networking is here to stay, and since so many of us live a good part of our lives on Facebook, it’s quite natural that the site is also witness and playground for all our relationship moves (and games).  In fact, one of the first things we tend to do when we have progressed to date 3 is send each other friend requests and secure them as a regular part of your eLife. Here are 5 ways Facebook has altered the dating and relationship game:

1. Relationship Status

Now, when Facebook wasn’t around, only your immediate friends, colleagues and neighbours maybe, knew whether you were dating or not. It was contained, it was private and it was no big deal. However, with the advent of Facebook, Single, In a Relationship, Married and It’s Complicated are no longer states of affairs in your private life. They are available for all the 1234 friends on friend’s list to see, wonder and jump to conclusions about.  And the binding requirement of changing your Relationship Status as and when it changes to reflect reality…uff!

2. Pictures of You and Your Date

Till almost 10 years ago, your best shot at getting a picture with your girlfriend/boyfriend was when you were at a picnic with friends, at a friend’s party together, when someone else clicked you two, or when either of you clicked a poor resolution picture on a 640 VGA or 2 MP phone camera. And in all probability, it stayed there. Facebook almost dictates that happy relationships are those that have at least a few pictures of you, the happy daters, put up every month or so. If not, then are you having trouble could be?

3. Lovey Dovey Status Updates

We have seen them and we have (sometimes) cringed as we read them. Status updates dedicated to each other are viewed as a barometer of the health of your love life. Friends, people with crushes on you or your boyfriend/girlfriend and even your respective exes, will be watching. If few or no pictures are put up, what are you hiding? And if there is a drop in the frequency, is it Troublesville, maybe?

4. Stalking

Everyone stalks on Facebook. Thanks to its “we will never tell people you visit that you visited them” policy, people are becoming stealthy stalkers of friends, crushes, boyfriends/girlfriends and husbands/wives. In the good old days, stalking was rendered difficult and pesky because, seriously, like kahan kahan will you follow someone? But Facebook makes it as easy as a few mouse clicks. What are their likes, dislikes, what are they liking, sharing, commenting to. What new pictures have they put up, who is that person with them in that picture in that album. There is no end to it.

5. E-Jealousy

Thanks to stalkability, people who are dating can also keep minute-by-minute track of their beloved’s social activities. Who is the person he/she is now friends with? Why is this colleague liking his/her status updates EVERY SINGLE TIME? Why did the person choose to not change their relationship status? Who is that girl he is standing so close to in the office party pics? Why is she liking another guy friend’s status EVERY SINGLE TIME? Why…yada yada yada.

Can you think of any other way Facebook is impacting our love life? Tell, tell!

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