Do-you-love-me-password-much? Why people play Sherlock on their partners!

It starts with exchanging heyas, cell numbers, BB-pins, then gifts, kisses, keys and eventually goes down to rings and vows. And somewhere in between all of this, ******* passwords! Cell phone, mail account, social media password exchange has become quite a deal between couples. ‘Do-you-love-me-password-much’ has become one question that measures the temperature of a serious relationship nowadays.

While relationships dwell on love, rock back and forth on trust, we wonder if passwords should be the deal breaker. Next comes the question why this cry-pry over passwords? Why tail your partner?

Here are top 5 reasons why people want to play Sherlock on their partners:

  1. Fidelity/infidelity discovery
  2. Learn about partner’s ‘Ex’-clamations
  3. Bank account revelations
  4. Old pictures
  5. To check if partner is a porn addict/shopaholic/share market gambler

Reasons why you should leave Sherlock-ing to Sherlock Holmes!

  1. Let’s accept it, we all have skeletons in our closet
  2. A little mystery can be good in relationships
  3. Curiosity killed the cat, so better you communicate
  4. If the relationship is going to turn sour, it will. Your prying and eventual confrontation will just accelerate the process.
  5. Have a good-faith basis relationship

A word of caution if you do share your password, be prepared for:

  1. Getting hammered with confrontations about past/present/future
  2. A hell lot of ‘Ex’-planations (if you know what we mean!)
  3. Everything in future taken with a pinch of doubt.
  4. Extreme cases such as identity thefts
  5. You getting locked out of your own account!

If you are Sherlock-ing your partner, or you think you are being Sherlock-ed, either way, we urge you to take the communication road with your partner instead of getting onto the snooping highway.  While exchange of passwords is your call but we leave you with a one liner that we came acoss recently – Passwords are like money, honey! Be wise with them.

photo: D Sharon Pruitt

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