Here’s to a Spirited Summer! 8 Exotic DIY Cocktails to Keep Up the High

Ah, March! The sun has come to mean business.  Also, now that Holi is over,  we’ll look around for tasty inebriation even after the days of slurping bhaang are over. Here are some delish options to hic to this summer. 1. Mint Julep The air’s so hot and humid that you feel you are living in […]

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Have You Moved On, My Love? I’d Rather You Hadn’t

It’s that time over coffee or a meal. You sit opposite each other, having teased out bits about the other’s personality. You know she likes cars or he likes gleaming tabletops. There has been some talk of work and holiday. And possibly, there has been a strong or slanted reference to a past relationship. So, […]

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Happy ‘You’ Year

Mukta Raut

January 1, 2014



Beginnings, endings, and going-ons. 2014 will have all of these. Just as 2013 did. And during 2013, as days flaked off one at a time, we at MarryMyBuddy met some wit, you know. Sometimes in quotes on the Web or texted by a pal or scribbled in glitter in a funky loo. They made us […]

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Matter of ‘Taste’

Today, you can’t escape being told who you are, i.e. – an ‘individual’. Each one of us is described as being, over and above everything, a separate, unique entity- by our own right, in own space, creator of much of our own destiny. (Contrast this to earlier days, when we were mainly deemed to be […]

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3 Books That Will Make You Look At Singlehood Differently

Tolstoy makes this astute observation in Anna Karenina, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I feel that way about being in a relationship versus being single. Without being reductionist or dismissive, being in a relationship involves much the same framework – you find someone you care about […]

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What Plants Can Teach You About Relationships

First, a word about me to set things in context. For some, this essay may seem sappy and irreconcilable to good sense. I understand. So, the background I now outline is to establish that I wasn’t a New Age-y tree-hugger or plant-worshipper right off the bat. In other words, I wasn’t always likely to think […]

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