Me, A Rose And Solitude Sprinkled With Romance

So, is this Valentine’s Day stamped with stag status? Me, a rose and solitude, is it? The singlets are all sad with sniffs on social media that the day is for couples. But is it? We tag it as a day of love and feeling pampered. Why so blue over no one to woo! With […]

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Do-you-love-me-password-much? Why people play Sherlock on their partners!

It starts with exchanging heyas, cell numbers, BB-pins, then gifts, kisses, keys and eventually goes down to rings and vows. And somewhere in between all of this, ******* passwords! Cell phone, mail account, social media password exchange has become quite a deal between couples. ‘Do-you-love-me-password-much’ has become one question that measures the temperature of a serious […]

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How We Don’t Give Love A Chance – A Beautiful Video!

He writes. Erases. She writes. Erases. Been there! Done that? Oh yes! I certainly have. I am sure most of us have at some point or the other. Whether it is the fear of rejection or the fear of putting all your cards at once across the table and giving the power to the other […]

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