9 Ways To Make The Most Of Being Single

Most singles see singlehood as a cross that they have to bear. We’re saying snap out of it! We admit–being single may not be as much fun as being in love, because we all want someone hot and wonderful to share life with. But singlehood is no barren desert land either, and while we wait for love to take our lives by storm, why not make the most of the freedom and the time we have at our disposal? Let’s do something pretty damn amazing with ourselves that will make us a prize catch!

Everything in life is a choice. Singlehood can be described as lonely, sad and empty or it can be described as footloose, unfettered, fun…free! The singlehood glass can be half full or half empty—a matter of perspective. The question is, are you hanging back at half empty, or are you halfway to being full?

We say go for the free and fun angle! In case you have not noticed—because y’know you were being blinded by all the roses and love ballads—being single is one of the best times of your life. Seriously. Being in a relationship is great and very desirable, but let’s face it, it’s no freedom song. There are changes, adjustments and compromises you have to make that are crucial to every happy relationship and we recognise their importance for a stable and happy married life. But before that, let’s take care of the less serious, the more adventurous business. Being single means never having to give any plan or impulse more thought than: Is this what I want? And if you give yourself the “Go-ahead, boss!” and The Bank Account gives you the nod, then anything is possible. And here is what is possible:

1. An on-the-spur holiday to the Caribbean islands. Island hop, meet new people, create new friendships, and maybe meet a great person, who knows?

2. A 6-month-long road trip along the coast. Fill your gas tank, buy a road map of the coast, pack a bag of essentials, carry a journal and a camera and embark on a languorous road trip along the coast. Send postcards from whichever little hamlet you stop to discover on the way.

3. An evening class for a degree that will take your career places. If you are a yuppie, then your days are filled with your new job. Why not fill your evenings with a professional degree or diploma course that will take your career places in a couple of years?

4. Spend one weekend a month with street kids. There are several NGOs and institutions that work with street kids to help give them a better chance at life. Join them if you want to make a difference to society.

5. Learn a new sport. Tennis, kayaking, skateboarding, basketball, badminton, table tennis, chess, parasailing, rock climbing, swimming, cycling. What are you game for?

6. Join a gym and get gorgeously, enviously fit. In the secret recesses of their heart, everyone nurtures the desire to be that person who is so fit they turn heads. With a million gyms all over the city, what’s your excuse to not make this dream a reality?

7. Join a group that goes into raptures over the same things that you do. Like birds, stamps, coins, bikes, fishing, bikes or whatever gives you a rush. Be with likeminded people, hang out doing something that, for a change, everyone in the group wants to do. Like the sound of that?

8. Join a personality development program. Ever run into people who can make you sit up and notice them when they enter a room? Well-groomed, confident people who have that thing called “great personality.” And we’re saying you could be one of them.

9. Maybe even working weekends to achieve your corporate ambitions. Why not? After all, freedom is all about the ability to pick and choose as you wish, and if you wish to spend some extra hours over the weekend preparing for a presentation or a project that could make the top management ask, “Who is that super-talented newbie?” then why not?

The world is your playground and you—alone—can make the most of it.

A word of advice: you are not going to be single for long or forever. So grab your single time like there is no tomorrow, cos tomorrow you may meet the perfect person at a party and life may never be the same again.

What will you do to make your singlehood work for you?

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