5 Classy Tracks About Relationships You Might Have Missed!

Smriti Abbi

September 15, 2013

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From trance and electro that makes you high to rock and roll that unifies, from  jazz and blues to country and folk tunes, music has the power to express thoughts, words and emotions like nothing else. It can transport you to an altogether different era. It makes you fall in love, forget all the pain and makes you dream and desire.

Here are 5 handpicked tracks that beautifully express the vagaries of the emotional landscape of relationships. Enjoy!

1. Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful

Like Lana Del Rey, the track is surely addictive. The track spins sadness and serenity into words, and has been aptly used in the Hollywood flick “The Great Gatsby”. It takes you to a different era of Hollywood with the seductive elegance of Lana Del Ray’s voice.

2. Kimbra – Settle Down

Simple yet classy, Kimbra comes up with yet another classic after “Somebody that I used to know” with Gotye. The handclaps and intriguing dolls make the track class apart and gives a feel of jazz to the track. It is based in the 60’s capturing emotions like jealousy, revenge and hysteria.

3. Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You

Everything about this track keeps you hooked on to it, right from the kaleidoscopic illusions to its funky vibe. It seems that Anna Lunoe and Flume narrate a story with horses galloping to the sound of keyboard being played on water. The song entails a beautiful journey depicted in a very scintillating way.

4. Schiller feat. September – Breathe

September’s enchanting vocals along with Schiller’s ambient music made this track hit number one on various music charts. It has a perfect blend of modern electronic beats and upbeat vocals.

5. Passenger – Things That Stop You Dreaming

Passenger was originally a British folk band that recently got disbanded. The track entwines awesome lyrics with mesmerizing guitar chords. This song depicts an era of modern poets, which makes the track very hummable and the deep lyrics are liberating.

Which one did you like the most? Any other track(s) that you would like us to add to the list? Suggest to us in the Comments section.

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