10 Things People Do To Avoid Getting Married

Is procrastination your best friend especially when it comes to the question of getting married? Have you been going that extra mile to cook up excuses to delay the eventuality? Are those little voices in your head saying that you are afraid to get married and you always need some more time to get prepared? Well, you are not alone. Here are ten things people do to avoid getting married:

1. Becoming anti social: They call you the alien in the family, wherein you shun family weddings, birthdays and all social commitments just to be at home logged on to Facebook or watching your favorite movie for the zillionth time.

2. Going for that MBA, MA or that extra degree course to show how career focused you are. Deep inside you know its a sure shot way to buy some more time.

3. Spending most of your time at workplace. When your laptop becomes your best friend, and you are the first person to enter the office and the last one to exit.

4. Acting gay: At times its fun to act gay, especially in front of those aunties who keep coming up with a bagful of matches of Switi, Pinky and Pappu.

5. Gaining weight: When all that comes to your mind is butter chicken, and you truly, madly, deeply believe that gaining weight shall keep the proposals at bay.

6. Resorting to tarot and astrology: Right from Linda Goodman, to mobile astrology to referring to all modern day babas in order to ascertain your planetary positions and deciding when to marry.

7. Rejecting marriage proposals on lame grounds such as dark circles on his face, and she wearing a black dress in the afternoon.

8. Daydreaming: Sitting for hours with a cup of green tea and sipping it in la-la land, wondering what will happen next without doing anything.

9. Spirituality (as some may call it!): Where Nirmal baba becomes your idol and you spend your weekends watching Aastha channel and following tips by babas.

10. And, if nothing else works, deciding to move out of your hometown to avoid discussions on the haunting topic of marriage.

Did you connect with any one of these at any point of time? Would love to hear your side of the story! Tell us in the comments section.

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